Rover Chill 2018

There are some of you that will be reading this knowing exactly what rovers are and do. There are others that may be sitting there…
Saoirse Allen
April 11, 2019

Rover Focus Log

Rover Focus serves as the beginning of the new rover scouting season. A chance to meet up, make new friends and try to plan your…
Trudie Mitchell
February 27, 2018

Oh the people you meet…

Belt 2015, Germany, our first night aimlessly wandering outside of a microscopic town having unsuccessfully tried to find accommodation for the night. We were starting…
Fionn Delahunty
January 19, 2018

Rover Chill 2017

What is a Rover Chill? Rover Chill is a Rover Event that happens during October every year for ages 18-26. The focus of the event…
Ciara Keegan
November 19, 2017