Anyone who attended my session at Rover Focus this year will know that myself, Kate Cowan and Conor Hodges are heading up the Jambo-ri Village this year!

Our goal is to create a fun and chilled environment for the participants, for the whole space to be instragramable with plenty of walk-ins the programme.

Jambo-rí Village area is based around the symbolic framework of Rí-Imagine, Rí-Discover and  Rí-Create. The atmosphere in the village is meant to create a fun environment to challenge yourself, hang out and make new friends. There will be music playing throughout, a lot of different spaces to chill and tons of games and crafts to try out.

Rí-Imagine area is focused on the Better World Framework programme. we aim to have some of our awesome partners come and help us with programme. 

Rí-Discover area is a space all national and world teams to come and promote, discuss and educate participants of the Jambo-rí on this topic. it will work in speaker slots so people can promote but have an opportunity to be staff in other areas or a participant. 

Rí-Create area is an eco-craft space. We hope to have it ran solely by rovers and aim to train them in all craft before the event. this will be running continuously throughout the week.

Rí-Act area is walk-in programme. This walk-in programme is a mixture of team and competition games. There will be a space for board games, challenges games with scoreboards and also space for patrols to challenge other patrols to teams based games. 

We are looking for creative types but also those who have no problem picking up some power tools and building. The ones who don’t mind being in the background and making sure the self-led programme is working but also those who have no problem getting on a stage to run a few games. Our aim to give Rovers a chance to get involved early, learn skills along the easy and take ownership of the village with us!

If you are interested drop myself and Kate a line at and

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Trudie Mitchell

Former National Youth Rep currently studying a PME in Art education and currently in charge of the design of the Jambo-Rí Village. She also enjoys long hikes on the beach.

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