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Rover Focus serves as the beginning of the new rover scouting season. A chance to meet up, make new friends and try to plan your next big adventure, whether that’s going tree planting or getting ready to fly off to Greece. This year was no different.

Opening Address by Darragh Miller, Chairman An Oige

Friday night was the casual meet and greet, saying hi to your friends that you haven’t seen in yonks, making new friends while sprawled out over the many couches Killarney Hostel had to offer. With an inspiring talk from Darragh Miller and his amazing journey to where he is today, the Chairperson for An Oige, and his countless journeys around the world, the weekend was off to a good start. Not to mention the great breakfast, and the copious amounts of it available.

The morning was filled with workshops and info sessions workshops on how any of us can make positive environmental changes in our local communities, and the start of planning for the exciting year of the Rover Centenary, also people getting all hyped for the Jambori (you should sign up for the Village by emailing kate.cowan112@gmail.com ), and a Q&A session on how to run events as a Rover from Rovers.

National Youth Forum

There was an aura of energy and excitement in the air, and people were eager to use it, already planning their next outing or project. This was the perfect opportunity to launch the new National Rover Project Crew. A new experimental programme for the Rover Scouts of Ireland, allowing the everyday Rover to sign up for challenging new experiences, such as becoming involved in Rover Programme development and National Rover events. To be quite honest I think everyone came home from Rover Focus ready to take on the world, or at least the Rover Programme. Access to the public folder of presentations can be found here!

The main event of the weekend, the National Youth Forum, went off without a hitch, it was practically flawless, no arguments, no back and forths, it was blissful, (touch wood) I hope it’s the same next year. And we also have our shiny new National Rover Rep Team, and we wish them luck in their endeavours. Below is a picture of the new representatives from left to right they are:  Daniel Rainys, Patrick Foley, Jordan McGrath, Mike Vriesema, Rover overlord Rúairi Nealon, Niamh O’Reilly
Aoife Brennan and Aisling Grehan. 

2018/2019 National Rover Youth Reps

Now for the Famous Rover Focus evening activities, I know what you’re thinking, no it wasn’t messy, actually, we had a great time playing a quiz in the hostel. Teams of 4 (in some cases 6-8, I won’t say who though), we answered everything from general knowledge, like did you know there’s a statue of a monkey in a town in Cork? To questions about Scouts, Zoology, and everything in between. The no phones rule proved to be a bit of an issue for some people, they know who they are. But overall it was a heap of good craic. Not to mention the fabulous prize of being able to bring something like 6 people with each team member to an  Oige hostel for two nights? Sounds ideal to me.

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Former National Youth Rep currently studying a PME in Art education and currently in charge of the design of the Jambo-Rí Village. She also enjoys long hikes on the beach.

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