A Service Project What?

The service project cycle is a method to help Rovers get involved in service projects all over the country. It incorporates three elements; fundraising, carrying out a Service Project and celebrating the work done. The benefits include providing an opportunity for Rovers to fund raise, the replenishment of the R.A.W. fund and sharing, supporting and celebrating the great work done by Rovers among their peers. For newly formed Crews this is a great initiative to get involved in as it will give some structure to your Rover year. It’ll also be great craic and be full of ‘networking’ at different festivals and events. 


So whats a Service Project then?

A service project is a project a small group of Rovers (or any Scouts) take on and it incorporates three main elements:

  1. Service to a community
  2. Sustainability
  3. Personal progression

A community can be a global or local community. Making the project sustainable prolongs the effect of the work done by the project as much as possible, simple things like making a resource from your project will help. All projects should, and will inevitably, contribute to the personal progression of any Rovers involved in the project.

Make the most of it!

When, or after, deciding your Service Project see if you can incorporate one of the Better World Framework badges and get recognition for contributing to making the world a better place. The three parts of the Better World Framework are

Messengers of Peace

The Messengers of Peace Award aims to promote world peace through the positive activities of young people. Any Scout who has voluntarily invested more than 10 hours in a community service project is eligible for the award.

Scouts of The World Award

The Scouts of the World Award involves a voluntary service project in one of three key areas – development, peace, or the environment. The award is open to both Venture and Rover Scouts, or those between the ages of 15 – 26.

Environmental Badge

The World Environment Badge endeavours to connect young people and the natural world through meaningful action projects. The projects should be carried out in small teams following WOSM’s age- appropriate time commitments.

More details on all of these awards can be found here: http://betterworld.oneprogramme.ie/

When it comes to supporting the Service Project Cycle, we run three national events that ties it all together.

Tent Pitching

Tent Pitching is the fundraising part of the Service Project Cycle. We are Scouts and we raise money doing what we do best. Pitching tents of all shapes and sizes. This happens at festivals around the country where we offer a service to pitch festival goers tents in exchange for a donation to the R.A.W. fund.

This is a very popular activity for some reason. There is a selection process understandably because the number of participants are limited by the festival organisers. We give preference to Rovers who have completed a Service Project in the past year as an opportunity to pay it forward and raise money for Rover projects next year.

So what is R.A.W. and why does it have a fund?  

Rover Action Week

RAW is a week dedicated to doing the main aspect of your chosen Service Project. Different projects have different timelines but Rovers can aim to have the bulk of the project done or promote their work during this week.

The RAW fund is available for any Rover Crew or Project Team to apply for funding for their project. This money is raised by the Tent Pitching Services. There is a basic application form similar to most grant applications to give Rovers an idea of applying for grants. This can be found here:

The process mimics a real world grant application process. The applications need to have justifications and basic budget proposals.

Remember to record the process and the activities along the way and make the most of your Service Project. Share it with the world and inspire others get out, get active and help create a better world. Recording the project will be useful when it comes time to celebrate at Ceiliúradh.


A celebration of the work you have done, inspiration for a new project and an awards party all among your peers. Ceiliúradh is set to be the highlight near the end of the Scout year. It will act as a conference where Rovers can show off what Service Projects they have done and pass on information. There will be sessions to help Rovers planning and carrying out projects before a semi formal dinner. Awards will be presented to Rovers in front of their peers to give them more meaningful appreciation of their accomplishments.

For all details on events find them on the National Activities Calendar. Keep an eye on our Social media platforms and our National Rover Mailing.

The featured picture is from one of the Waterford Rovers service projects where they helped the Waterford River Rescue, fund raised for an AED and learnt about the work they do and how they can be active citizens in assisting the River Rescue’s efforts.

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