“By Rovering I don’t mean aimless wandering, I mean finding your way by pleasant paths with a definite object in view, and having an idea of the difficulties and dangers you are likely to meet with by the way.” Baden Powell, Rovering To Success.


Baden Powell, that lad who is great to quote, little did he know we would be a generation who loves wandering, questioning and discovering.

This blog was born from the Rover Team’s constant internal musings that there are too many ways to gather information that is helpful to us, in life, in career and in scouts. Also, there are some topics we wanted to cover that might not need to be a PDF resource.

But really we wanted a space that rovers could write about things important to them, about their experiences and also things they learnt that might be useful to others.

Life is a constant learning experience, and the age between 18 and 26 include some of the biggest changes in our lives. Some of us will choose to attend third level education, while other will experience getting their first proper job. Hopefully all of us will experience our first serious relationship and sadly we’ll all also experience our first interaction with the world of taxes. The hope of this blog is to support, and provide some advice on these experiences.

So enjoy, learn, laugh and if you feel like contributing contact us at roverscouts@scouts.ie


Keep an eye on the blog, some posts we plan on writing…

  • How to put your daily scout skills into a CV in a useful way
  • Things I wish I had known starting my first full time job
  • Budgeting for life so you can afford the rover activities you want to do
  • How to talk to a friend who might be surviving from depression
  • Basic everyday things to do to help the environment
  • Quarter life crisis, is it a thing?
  • How to move to another country
  • How to live with other people


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Kate Cowan
Kate Cowan

27, working on Training and Opportunities. Unofficial Rover advisor for the Rover team as the only non-Rover aged person :/

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