Hey, I’m Fia, a rover from 52nd Dublin, Shankill. Last summer I participated in the World Scout Moot (WSM) 2017 in Iceland. I would have to say it was the best experience of my life so far. A dramatic statement but its 100% true.

The only trip you will regret is the one you don’t take!

Over the course of 3 weeks, I travelled Iceland from top to bottom with a collection of strangers from all around the world. I can now call this collection of strangers my friends.

For those that don’t know, a Moot is an event for Rover scouts held every four years and organised by the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM). The event is a chance for any rover scout aged 18 – 25 to develop their understanding and experience of belonging to a worldwide movement of Scouts.

The WSM 2017 was my first ever international event. As a scout of five years, I didn’t truly understand the universality of scouting until I took part in the Moot. When I was surrounded by 5,000 people from 95 different countries I felt an enormous sense of unity and belonging.

Iceland has a population of 334,252 so our friendly arrival was nearly classified as an invasion. ….a scouting invasion…..pretty cool.

The event was jam-packed with activities. The opening ceremony in Reykjavik kicked things off. We got to meet our patrol which was made up of 10 individuals. The scouts on my patrol were from Bolivia. Germany, Brazil, Argentina, France, Portugal and Italy.

They were a bunch of crazy people. You would have never put any of us together under any other circumstances yet we all got along because we loved a bit of adventure and scouts….. of course!

Together we travelled to the North of Iceland and camped in a place called Akureyri (A – KUR – RAY – RIIIII) for four days. We hiked, played ultimate frisbee, relaxed in geothermal baths, sang, danced and did a bit of community service to give back to the locals that were being so accommodating to us. We also admired the traffic lights in the town that had love heart shaped red lights…..wild.

After the subcamp we travelled to the main camp where all 5,000 scouts gathered together for the last few days. It honestly felt like I was at an insane festival. By day, I was tightrope walking, playing African drums, kayaking, climbing etc etc. By night, I was enjoying the live performances on the main stage, dancing at the giant disco tent and having mid-night feasts with my patrol.

Obviously, the WSM Moot was so much more than just a festival. It was an event that challenged me to develop new perspectives of culture, origin and ideas. I became much more aware of my place in the world and left Iceland with a new awareness of the rights and responsibilities that I have as a world citizen.

As I said earlier, the greatest adventure of my life so far was participating in the World Scout Moot (WSM) 2017. Words can’t fully summarise the experience. You can have a look at the video I made during the Moot to get more of any idea of what it was like.

I would encourage anybody to participate in the WSM 2021 in Ireland!

Fia Wren

52nd Dublin, Shankill

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Fia Wren

Rover from 52nd Dublin, Shankill. Participated in the World Scout Moot (WSM) 2017 in Iceland, currently studying Film & Television Production in the National Film School!

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